Student Organization 101

This page houses information and forms for current and prospective clubs, club members, and advisors. In order to maintain communication between club members, advisors, and the Student Activities Office, adhere to Ohio State policies, and to keep our Student Activities Calendar as up-to-date as possible; we encourage students and staff to familiarize themselves with the resources on this page. Completed forms can be emailed or delivered to the Student Activities Office in the Student Activities Center. Please contact Kelly Kyser with any questions at

How to start a student organization

Step 1 The group must have at least five registered students willing to commit time and effort to the formation and maintenance of the group. One of the five students must be willing to serve as the primary contact.
Step 2 The group must acquire a faculty or staff member of Ohio State ATI to serve as a faculty/staff advisor to the organization. 
Qualification Criteria for Advisors: Advisors of student organizations must be full-time members of the CFAES Wooster campus faculty or full-time staff. 
Step 3 The group must then complete the Student Organization Registration form. Form can be obtained online by visiting the Student Organization Resources page.
Step 4 The organization will need to write a Constitution, which serves as an outline of purposes and goals for the organization. “Creating your Organization’s Constitution” template is available online to aid in the process.
Step 5 Once the constitution is written, both the Constitution and Student Organization Registration form should be sent electronically to the Student Programming Coordinator, Carri Gerber ( or dropped off at the Student Activities Center (SAC 106) for review.
Step 6 Upon review, the Student Programming Coordinator will either approve, reject or send the document back for revision.

WHAT are the event requirements  for a student organization?

Each academic year, registered student groups are required to host three events. One event must be social in nature and open to the CFAES Wooster campus, one event should be educational to serve as a learning experience for either club members or the CFAES Wooster community, and one event should be community service oriented.

as an organization leader, what do i need to do to renew our organization?

Previously recognized student organizations must renew their registration yearly by 5:00 pm of the sixth Friday of the fall semester, by completing a Student Organization Registration form.

What is the student leadership council?

Each regsitered student organization must have a representative serve on the Student Leadership Council (SLC). This individual can also serve as a member of the organization's executive board or can be appointed to a non-executive member. The SLC will meet every other week during the academic year. The following are objectives of the SLC:
1. To provide an outlet for student opinions on matters of student interest and conveying those opinions to the faculty, staff, and administration
2. To build leadership among student organizations as well as the campus community
3. To provide an opportunity to share and promote events of all student organizations to building support and collaboration

What is the student organization membership roster?

The Student Organization Membership Roster is a form that needs to be completed within two (2) weeks after the first business meeting. It is due by the end of October of each academic year and should be turned in to the Student Activities Office or sent to  The purpose of this form is to not only to aid the university in managing student organization information better, but also to provide organizations with a centralized membership roster that will accurately portray all students participating.

Student Organization Forms and Resources

Student Organization Registration form (pdf)

Student Organization Membership Roster form (pdf)

Creating Your Organization's Constitution Template

Student Organization Handbook 

ATI Campus Posting Policy

CFAES Guide to Branding and Producing Merchandise and Apparel