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Program planning is a key component of student organizations. To host a sucessful event is take times, attention to detail and great communication!

Remember, all organizations must host three events a year including a social, educational and community service event.

For more information on three event types click here!

  1. Social Event – any function or activity that is provide by an organization to meet the social needs of members and/or guests
    1. Examples: game nights, picnics, dances
  2. Educational Event – any function or activity to serve as a learning experience for either club members or the Ohio State ATI community
    1. Examples: speaker, lecturer, information session
  3. Community Service Event – any function or activity designed for the benefit of the community
    1. Examples: blood drive, food drive, park clean-up

To assist in the planning of these events, check out the Organization Event Planning form. This form does not need to be turned in to the Student Activities Office. The Organization Event Planning form is a resource for you to use with your organization and you develop your three required activities for the year. Perhaps it can be used at a meeting as a template for brainstorming and deciding what events you are going to host this year!

Once you have decided what events you are going to host and it's time to host your first event, please fill out the Event Reporting form. This form needs to be returned to the Student Activities Office at least 2 weeks prior to your event. As you are determing dates, be sure to check the Student Activities Calendar for any conflicting events!


Program Planning Resources

Organization Event Planning form

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