Membership Recruitment and Retention

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In order to be a worthwhile, active organization, it is necessary for you to recruit, involve, and retain new members. To be able to do this, students need to know what your organization can offer them as individuals and what your group hopes to accomplish. People usually join an organization that meets their needs. If you can meet the needs of the student, then the student will probably want to be part of your organization.


  • BE PERSONAL - Recruit by word of mouth, one-on-one interaction, use of faculty and staff and creative publicity!
  • BE SYSTEMATIC - Your plan must be organized, logical, well-timed and efficient! 
  • BE SPECIFIC - Indentiy a target group. Indentify their needs and motivation. Know what you have to offer!
  • BE MEANINGFUL - It should fulfill the needs of the members as well as the organization!

Having completed a successful recruitment campaign, it is up to the leaders of your organization to get and keep people involved in your activities, to include them in your decision-making and program planning and to actively promote their talents.

NOW You Got them, How to Keep them

  • Schedule regular meetings and make them accessible to current and new members. Publicize meeting times and dates. How?? Social media posts, create a Microsoft Teams group for your organization or check out the various posting policy stragetegies HERE!
  • Make new members feel welcome by getting them involved early on, not just with hanging flyers, but also with assignments in which they may have some interest!
  • Include everyone in the planning of a program. When people feel ownership for an activity, they are more  likely to stick with the event and the organization to make it a success!
  • If a new or old member stops coming to meetings, don't assume that the student is no longer interested.  Contact the student, find out why they have been missing meetings and find out if they new assistance. If you let them know they are welcome to return to the organization meetings when their schedule permits, they will more than likely feel less pressure and return to the group!

It is also important to realize the reasons people leave organizations.

We're so sorry to see you go!

  • Members are not learning or accomplishing anything.
  • Members feel their opinions are not heard.
  • Members are not making new friends and they are not enjoying it.
  • Members feel that they are not appreciated.
  • Meetings lack organization. (Check out our page on Successful Meetings for some tips and ideas!)
    • Don't forget to inform the Student Activites Office of your meeting time and location so we can help direct interested students!
  • The organization has no specific purpose or goal.

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