Students at Regional Leadership RetreatStudent organizations are expected to be financially self-sustaining. The following information will detail some considerations and best practices for fundraising. Your organization should pursue fundraisers that align with your organization purpose, minimize your risk, and have potential to be financially successful. Some potential ideas include: membership dues, selling t-shirts, concession stands/bake sales, and restaurant nights. The are no spending restrictions on money you fundraise.

Successful fundraisers require planning and preparation. The Fundraiser Business Plan Outline is a good place to lay out the specifics for your group’s proposed fundraiser.

Groups planning on hosting a bake sale need to be aware of applicable health regulations. The Approved Bake Sale Food Items information sheet can help. Additionally, prepared foods must contain a proper food label. View the Food Label Sample to see what this entails.

If there will be a raffle or other games at your fundraiser, view the Raffles, Drawings, and Games of Chance information sheet beforehand.

Ask your advisor about fundraising ideas or contact the Student Activities Office for more tips!

Fundraising Resources

Fundraiser Business Plan Outline

Approved Bake Sale Food Items

Food Label Sample

Raffles, Drawings, and Games of Chance