TODAY: El Dia de los Muertos

Everyone is invited to participate in the community ofrendas for El Dia de los Muertos. This year we will make two altars, in Skou Lounge and the Wooster Sciences Building, starting at 1:50 in Skou Lounge on Monday, Oct. 30. As soon as this altar is complete, we will move to the Sciences Building. 


If you have expertise, knowledge, experiences and/or something you would like to place on either of the altars please do so. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate in whatever way they choose. Your experience is of great value to the community, please share!!

Some ways to participate:

Help set up the altars, decorate, arrange

Bring something to put on the altar: name and/or photo of a decease loved one or loved ones (everyone is welcome)

Place something your loved ones enjoyed on the altar, food, toys, photos, whatever makes sense to you

Decorate a calavara, skull or animal cut-out, take it home or leave it on the altar. 

Talk with other folks participating. Share your expertise and ideas. 


Altars will remain in place for the week. Feel free to add names, photos, etc. throughout the week. If you want something returned, please leave your name.# on it, retrieve it in 190 Halterman or come pick it up from the altars when we clean up, Friday starting at 2:45. Clean up help is always appreciated. For more information Jenny  330-464-6918 or