1st , Sunday-Sunday Funday-SAC will be open in the evening & we’re encouraging you to find something fun to do with your friends/family in/around Wooster

2nd , Monday-Cupcakes with the HOCO Court 11am-2pm

3rd , Tuesday-Make it Take it 11am-2pm and Oma Gourd Taco Food Truck at dinner time 5pm-8pm

4th , Wednesday-Giveaway 11am-2pm (or until we run out) and Intramural Soccer at 6:30pm

5th , Thursday-HOMECOMING DANCE at the SAC!!! (FYI this is not a formal dance, just come as you are-more info to come later) 8pm-10pm

6th , Friday-Coronation and Parade in Columbus Afternoon/evening

7th , Saturday-Homecoming Football Game in Columbus Afternoon/evening