It's Chili Time!

We at Café Carmen want to invite you to participate in our first Annual Chili Cook-off. It’s getting cold out so let’s bring the heat! We are looking to start the event on December 7th at 5PM in Skou Hall. 

All are invited to taste and vote.

We will be offering prizes for 1st and 2nd places. We’ll have more info on this soon. Bragging rights included.

For those of you that think you got what it takes to be the Chili Champ, we would love to hear from you by the end of the day of November 28th. Please email us back at either or to register. Also include your team name and the # of people on your team. 

We will provide utensils, cups, spoons, tables, and voting supplies.  We ask that you bring your own soup warmer/crock pot and your chili. If you need assistance with a soup warmer, please email us, we do have a few we can lend. We can also help reheat your chili here at Café Carmen. 

As for the chili itself, we are looking for savory and warm. No dessert chili. No cold chili. Other than those 2 things, feel free to be creative. White beans, red beans, no beans, chicken, beef, no meat, all the meat….If you think it’s the best, prove it. 

Judging will include Originality, flavor, color, balance, and after-taste. 

If there are any questions please reach out, we can’t wait to hear from you.