Agriculture and Engineering Technologies (AET) Division

The Agriculture and Engineering Technologies (AET) Division administers academic programs in animal production/sciences (animal health, beef, dairy, horse, small ruminant, and swine); agronomy, crop production, and sustainable agriculture; agricultural systems management, and engineering technologies (construction, hydraulic power, and power equipment).  Faculty and staff that teach and support courses in these program areas along with the associated laboratories are assigned to the AET division.

Faculty and staff offices are located in Skou Hall.  Engineering technology labs are in the wing off of the Skou Hall student lounge (rooms 134 – 150).  The animal and crop laboratories are located on the Grace Drake Agricultural Lab (GDAL) close to Apple Creek, Ohio.

The AET Division will not have set hours of operation during Autumn Semester 2020.  Each faculty and staff member will be making their own appointments during the semester.  Please contact the faculty and staff member directly using their email to arrange a virtual (phone/ZOOM) or in-person appointment.  Here is a listing of the AET Division faculty, staff, and GDAL unit managers with contact information.