Wooster Science Cafe

The Wooster Science Café was established to provide a forum in the Wooster community for dialog between the public and scientists about contemporary topics.

Please see the attached fall schedule as well as the announcement for our first café next Tuesday, Sept. 7th.


Next week’s café will be on The Science of Networks and will be presented by Erzsébet Regan of The College of Wooster.

Please note:

-              As of now, we plan to have the café in person in the Excelsior Room event space on the second floor of Spoon Market and Deli, 144 W Liberty Street, Wooster.

-              We will be requiring masks except while eating or drinking

-              We will be arranging the chairs so that people can sit physically distanced

-              There will be light appetizers provided and you can buy food and drink and bring it upstairs

-              There is an elevator to get upstairs in case you would like to use it


We now have a website (https://www.woostersciencecafe.org/) and a twitter account (https://twitter.com/WooScienceCafe) in addition to our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/WoosterScienceCafe)