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Updates from academic affairs

CHANGES: Pass / No Pass:

The University Senate has recently voted to expand options for Autumn 2020 GE and Free Elective courses. Students should plan to discuss this option and the potential impacts with their advisor. Additional information will be shared as details are finalized.

ACTIONS: Zoom Class Etiquette:

Most of us are participating in class virtually in some respect or another, and in most cases we are attending from our homes. It’s understandably tempting to adopt a more casual approach to class under the current circumstances, but we must consider what impacts that can have on each other and on ourselves. 

It is in everyone's best interest that we treat classes on Zoom as if we are attending class in person. Some basic Rules of the Road: arrive prepared, clothed, alert, participate professionally, and don’t engage in distracting behavior. What is distracting behavior? Well, anything that wouldn’t be permitted in a classroom environment, or tasks other than engaging in your class. Doing these basic things shows respect to your fellow students, your instructors, and can improve your own classroom experience – mindset matters!

What is going on in the background is also a part of how you are interacting in the virtual space. If there is the potential for distraction, use a virtual background or pick a new location to Zoom in to classes. Be cognizant of what might be on display behind you and the impact it could have on other students. Be yourself, but take care to present your courteous and professional self. Learn more about tips for success in online classes and Zoom etiquette from