Lunch with Leaders

Lunch with Leaders

BOOTS & STILETTOS: What I’ve Learned About Taking Leadership One Step at a Time

presented by Kim Sayers, Director, Business Training & Educational Services

Have you ever stepped into a new role and felt like you were just dropped in the middle of a desert without a GPS? Or maybe it feels like your colleagues and customers are all from Neptune? In this session, Kim Sayers shares personal stories of growing into leadership roles one step at time. Learn how she came to make a priority of putting her boots on and doing the work of building a business unit from the ground-up. It takes balanced footwork to earn trust and build respect, which Kim quickly discovered when she was a young professional walking into male-dominated circles. In addition to her personal experiences, you will learn how seeking help, checking your attitude, moving past a victim mindset, and walking with diplomacy play critical roles in growing as a leader and building successful professional relationships.

Join us for the engaging leadership development session via Zoom on Tuesday September 22nd at Noon!

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