9:0-H5 and 2020 Homecoming Court

Mark your calendar!!!

Wednesday September 23rd @ 8:45 pm - go.osu.edu/meetthecourt

Meet the 2020 ATI Homecoming Court! Hear about some of the upcoming events for Voting Week and learn how to cast your vote!  

The 2020 ATI Homecoming Court include Lindsay Spurlock, Megan Drake, Olivia Rinesmith, Gage Harris, Chad Bostic and Ryan Patton!!

Then zoom on over with the court to participate in the next Regional 9:O-H5 performance of the year.

SungBeats @ 9:05 pm

SungBeats is an award-winning beatboxer and live loop extraordinaire from New York who has been developing his craft for over 13 years. Equipped with nothing but a microphone and a loop pedal, he uses only his mouth to create organic, engaging, high-energy music through an intricate process of sampling vocal sounds live in real-time.

To join - go.osu.edu/SungBeats

Watch this special Ohio State preview of his performance by CLICKING HERE!!!