Two Second Places at World Dairy Expo and an Invitation to Judge in Europe!

The Ohio State ATI Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Team competed in two contests at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin on September 26 and 27.  Student contestants were Hayley Bankey, Stephen Parthemore, Megan Raudebaugh, Rachel Sherman, Rebecca Sprang, and Marissa Topp. 

In the International Post-Secondary Traditional Contest, the team of consisting of Stephen, Megan, Rachel, and Marissa placed second overall.  As a result, the team received an invitation to participate in the 2022 International Dairy Judging Tour to Scotland, England, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany, June 22 through July 4. 

In breed competition, the team placed 4th in Ayrshire, 4th in Brown Swiss, 1st in Guernsey, 3rd in Holstein, 2nd in Jersey, 3rd in Milking Shorthorn, and 3rd in Red & White along with a 3rd place in oral reasons.  Individually, Marissa Topp was 5th overall in the contest, 8th in Ayrshire, 9th in Brown Swiss, 4th in Guernsey, 7th in Holstein, and 3rd in Milking Shorthorn breeds; Rachel Sherman was 8th overall, 7th in Ayrshire, 8th in Guernsey, 2nd in Jersey, and 4th in Milking Shorthorn breeds; Stephen Parthemore was 12th overall, 9th in Ayrshire, and 3rd in Guernsey breeds; and Megan Raudebaugh was 15th overall, 9th in Holstein, 8th in Jersey, and 6th in Red & White breeds.  Hayley Bankey was 10th in Ayrshire and Holstein breeds, while Rebecca Sprang was 10th in Red & Whites.  Consistency was the key.

Two 3-person Ohio State ATI teams competed in the International Post-Secondary Practical Contest.  The team (Team #2) of Hayley Bankey, Rebecca Sprang, and Marissa Topp placed 2nd while the team (Team #1) of Stephen Parthemore, Megan Raudebaugh, and Rachel Sherman placed 5th.  In the commercial cow class Team #1 placed second and Team #2 placed third.  Team #2 placed third in linear evaluation with Marissa Topp placing 3rd and Stephen Parthemore placing 8th as individuals in linear evaluation. 

Please congratulate these students for their outstanding results in the national contests at World Dairy Expo.