Straw Bale Throwing Contest - Agronomy Club

Straw Bale Contest

Hey all, we're almost nearing the end of the fall semester and I hope you've all been able to make the most of it. But the fun hasn't stopped yet. Join the ATI Agronomy Club on the 28 of October for a spectacular fun-filled, event in the Courtyard right beside the Skou Parking Lot for, wait for it..... A STRAWBALE THROWING CONTEST!!!! 

Who will have the farthest throw? Who will take home the Victory?? Who's an even better bale thrower than our very own Club President??? (she just had ankle surgery)

 Come and find out and test your strength. 

We are going to have 2 stations for straw bale throwing, each participant pays an entry fee of $1 per throw, with a max of 3 throws. Participants will come up to the stations, and throw the bales as far as they can, their distances will be measured and recorded by members of the Agronomy Club. Results of the contest will be given out through email, and prizes will be given to the winners. Masks and 6 ft social distancing will be required.  

We will also be holding a Pumpkin Carving/Painting Contest where each participant takes a pumpkin home and carves it in any way they'd like and submits a photo through a DM to the Agronomy Club Instagram page @ati_agronomy_club by the allotted deadline. Rules of the contest will be handed out with the pumpkins. 

Prizes for Strawbale Throwing Contest: Rural King/TSC Gift Cards
      - 1st Place: $50 & Gold Trophy
      - 2nd Place: $25 & Silver Trophy
      - 3rd Place: $10 & Bronze Trophy 
Prizes for Pumpkin Carving/Painting Contest: Walmart Gift Cards 
      - 1st Place: $25 & Gold Trophy
      - 2nd Place: $15 & Silver Trophy
      - 3rd Place: $10 & Bronze Trophy


Pumpkin Contest