Another 2nd Place and High Team in Oral Reasons for the Dairy Cattle Judging Team at NAILE

Another second place and high team in oral reasons for the Dairy Cattle Judging Team at NAILE.

The Ohio State ATI Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging team received another second team placing in national competition at the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) on November 7.  The team placed first in oral reasoning in defense of their animal placings.  Please congratulate team members Stephen Parthemore, Megan Raudebaugh, Rachel Sherman, and Marissa Topp.

In breed competition, the team placed 2nd in Ayrshire, 6th in Brown Swiss, 6th in Guernsey, 1st in Holstein, and 2nd in Jersey.  In overall competition, the team was first in Oral Reasons and second in the entire contest.

Individually in breed competition, Stephen Parthemore was 1st in Holstein and 10th in Jersey; Megan Raudebaugh was 6th in Ayrshire, 6th in Brown Swiss, 9th in Guernsey, 5th in Holstein, and 5th in Jersey breeds; and Marissa Topp was 2nd in Ayrshires.  In Oral Reasons, Megan Raudebaugh was third and Rachel Sherman was eighth.  Individually, Megan Raudebaugh was second overall in the contest – breaking the second-place tie with a higher oral reasons score.