Apply for NEW Leadership Ohio by May 2!

Apply for the NEW Leadership Ohio 2022!

Don't miss the opportunity to join the 2022 NEW Leadership Ohio summer institute! Applications are due by Monday, May 2.

NEW Leadership is a nonpartisan program devoted to increasing representation of women in American politics. The John Glenn College of Public Affairs hosts the intensive, five-day summer institute to prepare women for the reality of political campaigns and asks them to run for office or work on campaigns and issues that align with their values.

Meet women leaders from around the country, interact with women in American politics, develop and practice leadership skills!

There is no cost to participate! Eligible applicants must be registered for the 2021-2022 academic year in either a two-year institution or as a rising junior or senior in a four-year institution. Students of all backgrounds, majors, and interests are encouraged to participate.

Apply by May 2nd!

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