AFA Leader and Academic Scholarship Application Deadline Approaching

Less than two weeks until AFA Leaders and Academic Scholarship applications are due! Last year AFA, awarded more than $300,000 in academic dollars. 

AFA and its partners award annual scholarships to undergraduate students enrolled in agriculture and food-related degree programs across the US.

Awards vary in ammounts, but are at least $1,600 and include acceptance to AFA Leaders Conference.  The only cost to you is the time spent filling out the application and travel expenses to AFA Leaders Conference in Kansas City, Missouri.

Application Deadline is March 10, 2021.  

Here are some tips as you prepare your application:

  • Ensure you are within the AFA eligibility requirements before apply.
  • Fill in as much as you can for intern and work experience. Every experience counts during the selection process. Scoring is done based on the information entered into the form. Those who maximize opportunities to tell us about yourself will be more competitive in the selection process.
  • Double-check your grammar, spelling, punctuation as they are part of the scoring criteria.