Hazing Prevention Training

Collin’s Law – Ohio’s Anti-Hazing Act 
Collin’s Law, Ohio’s Anti Hazing Act, which went into effect at the beginning of October enacted a number of important requirements and changes, all to end hazing and interrupt contributing factors that have enabled the persistence of hazing in the past. More information about the law was shared in a November Student Org Insider. 

Hazing Prevention Training for Students 
A component of the law is required education for all students before they join a student group. There are multiple hazing prevention trainings open to all students to fulfill this requirement before joining a student group. This training will cover definitions of hazing, awareness, prevention, intervention, and reporting. This training is open to all students and is strongly recommended even if they are already part of a group.  

Training offerings for the Spring 2022 semester can be found here. We ask that you register for these trainings at least 24 hours in advance. 

Prospective/Current Member Training Opportunities

These sessions are for any students who wish to join or are currently members of a group.


Student Org Leader Training
These sessions cover the same concepts but through a student org leader lens on how to prevent hazing. 


Advisor Training
Advisor Training is mandatory and should be completed once a year. These sessions cover the same concepts but through an advisor lens on how to prevent hazing.


Go to go.osu.edu/reporthazing for information and instructions on how to report hazing to the university and to law enforcement.  

  • If anyone is experiencing harm or is in imminent danger, please call 9-1-1. 
  • For on-campus reports, call OSUPD at 614-292-2121.  
  • To report off-campus behavior call Columbus police at 614-645-4545   


Contact Us 
Please contact the Student Org Team at csls@osu.edu with any questions about these resources or preventing hazing in your organization.