News from Academic Affairs

CHANGES: Autumn 2021 Schedule

Due to the frequently changing nature of our current circumstances, the Schedule of Classes for Autumn 2021 will not be finalized and available on the University’s typical timeframe. Students will be informed about the finalization of the schedule, and dates for scheduling appointment windows, as these details emerge.


FACTS: Important Dates

As a student you have a lot to keep track of! That’s why the University Registrar posts many of important dates and deadlines all in one spot. Dates for the current semester are highlighted on their homepage (, and you can also view academic calendars and dates from previous or future terms.

Here are some important dates coming up:

  • Class scheduling windows for Summer 2021 are open and scheduling is underway.  
  • An Instructional Break will occur on March 31st – April 1st. No classes or class activities are held on these days.
  • Due to the Instructional Breaks this semester, a Conversion Day has been established. Classes that normally meet on Wednesdays will meet on Friday, April 2nd (Friday classes are not held). Look out for details and updates from your instructors regarding class activities.
  • The last date to drop a full-term course (with a “W” on your transcript) is Friday, April 9th.


SOLUTIONS: Emergency Grading Scheme

The University Senate has approved a grading system for situations that adversely impact students’ academic performance, and voted to implement this system for Spring 2021. The Board of Trustees has now approved these measures, and this scheme is in place for Spring of 2021.

Students will not need to opt-in or get advisor approval in order for this grading scheme to be implemented (unlike Pass/No-Pass in prior semesters). This grading scheme only affects grades of D or D+, replacing those marks with an earned grade of “PE” (Pass Emergency), and E, replacing that mark with “NP” (No Pass). The PE and NP marks do not factor into a cumulative GPA, and the PE grade would count as course passage. For many reasons, it is inadvisable to attempt a manipulation of course performance to achieve a particular final grade result – for example, a course with a PE or NP grade will not satisfy a condition where a C- or better grade is required (e.g., in a minor or a minor equivalent), and students who receive several PE or NP grades may still be placed on academic probation or potentially dismissed. Students should always seek to perform as well as they can in their courses. Learn more here

If you are struggling in a course and concerned with your grade, seek an appointment with an advisor to discuss options for dropping or repeating the course.