News from Academic Affairs

FACTS: Important Dates

Update to SP21 Important Dates:

The University Senate recently voted to extend some deadlines (view revised Important Dates)


Instructional Break:

No classes are held on Tuesday, February 23rd or Wednesday, February 24th. Take some time to rest and recharge!


Emergency Pass Grading System:

On January 28th, 2021 Provost McPheron sent a message to students, faculty, and staff regarding an Emergency Pass grading system (PE), which may be enacted for SP21. This grading system has yet to be approved by the Board of Trustees, and is not yet in place. When (and if) the Emergency Pass grading system is approved, additional information and potential impacts will be shared with students. What we do know at this time: This system would not be Pass/No Pass, and students cannot select to take courses Pass/No Pass beyond the university’s normal PA/NP option (only free electives; max of 20 credits; permission form required). We also know that, if approved, this grading system will only impact earned grades of D+ or lower for undergraduate students.

No matter the result, you should continue to work diligently in your courses to learn the material and achieve the best grade possible. If you are struggling in your coursework, please meet with an advisor to discuss your options.