OPPORTUNITY....Career Development Course - 2nd half of this semester

ESCE 2272, is a career development class for all Ohio State Students, aimed to assist them with their career goals and choices. From learning more about themselves, different majors and decision-making, to exploring various careers, transitioning to the job market and applying to graduate and professional schools. Students will have the opportunity to master their resumes, personal statements, interviewing, among many other skills needed to be successful upon graduation.


  • Course Number: 37119
  • Credits and Grading: 2-credit hour class, graded S/U
  • When:
    • Second term, Spring Semester (March 2nd -April 25)
    • Fridays from 10:00 a.m. - Noon
  • Instruction Mode: Distance Learning - synchronous

For more information email Dr. Ana Berrios Allison at berrios.7@osu.edu