Main Street Wooster Presents: Ancestral Returns vis DNA

Hear the story of how the son of a Ghostbuster made an Ancestral Return to Ghana, where he became a Chief.

Friday, Feb. 25th  7 - 8 pm & Saturday, Feb 26th  2 - 3 pm
Wayne County Public Library ~ 220 W. Liberty St. Wooster OH 44691

Attendees can register for a chance to win a FREE DNA TESTING KIT ($100 value)

Special thanks to The Akrobortu Project for donating 2 DNA testing kits with results consultations.

For Black History Month, we are honored to host free presentations on family reconnection, reconciliation, and reclamation via DNA, among diasporan & continental Africans everywhere.

Our speaker was born Earnest L. Hudson, Jr. in Michigan, and has worked as a professional actor/producer under the name Ernie Hudson, Jr. He is the son of actor Ernie Hudson (most widely known for his role in Ghostbusters) & Dr. Jeannie L. Hudson, Ph.D. Building on the accomplishments of his parents, he played Hamid Khan in the HBO series “OZ,” authored the contemplative book, “Freestyle Prophecies & Sacred Ciphers,” and contributed as an author to Craig Duswalt’s 2021 release of “1001 Ways to Rock Your Life” among many other professional accomplishments.

DNA matching enabled him to connect with not only his paternal grandfather, but also three branches of paternal DNA that led him to Ghana and the Ewe people. He arranged an Ancestral Return to Frankadua, in the Eastern Region Ghana, where he was adopted into the Regency, participated in a Naming Ceremony, and was given the honorific "Togbui," which translates as Grandpa/King . This life-changing experience inspired him to share his knowledge with others and facilitate their journey. He currently serves as President of the Akrobortu Center, a non-profit which facilitates familial reunification between African DNA carriers and their Continental DNA matches.

The knowledge he will share at his Main Street Wooster presentations is inspirational to everyone who wants to be more connected to their past and increase their self-awareness. Read his full bio.



Register for:

Fri, February 25, 2022

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Register for:

Sat, February 26, 2022

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST