Residential Learning Communities at Ohio State


What do you know about Learning Communities (LCs) at the Ohio State Columbus campus? If you are planning to transition to the big city for your second year of study, don’t forget that sophomore students are required to live on campus in one of the many residence halls. One way to make a big place feel small is to become part of a community of learners who share similar interests.

A Learning Community is a group of students who live together on a residence hall floor and share a common major, career field, and/or personal interests. Recent survey findings indicate that students who participate in a Learning Community at Ohio State are better connected to resources and find it easier to create study groups.

Several of our Learning Communities feature unique opportunities for second-year students that support relationship building with students from across campus, skill building in preparation for the internship search via mock interviews, and the development of enhanced leadership skills.

Applications are available here and are due on Monday, February 1, 2021.

CFAES has several Learning Community affiliations from which to choose? Questions can be directed to Sarah .

Please note that completing the Learning Community application does not guarantee acceptance into a Learning Community. This application does not secure housing. To secure housing as a campus change student, you must contact Housing Services by February 10 at (614) 292-8266 or to ensure that you are included in the reselection process and eligible for a Learning Community.