Essential Tips from Digital Flagship

Student Org Essentials

Through a partnership with the Digital Flagship, this spring's Student Org Essentials Series is designed to help you facilitate connection with prospective and current members by using innovative tech tools. In conjunction with the workshops, Digital Flagship will also highlight additional resources and ideas in the Student Org Insider throughout the semester. Sign up to attend Student Org Essentials to get hands-on guided practice with tools that can strengthen your organization and read the column below for more tips and support for your student organization from Digital Flagship.

Feb. 1 - Creating Graphics for Organization Recruitment

Feb. 22 - Connecting Virtually Outside of Meetings

March 15 - Engaging Members in Virtual Meetings

April 5 - Putting It All Together


University Tools to Help Your Student Organization Thrive 

When running a student organization at Ohio State, you have access to loads of tools and technology to recruit, connect, and engage, but how do you know which ones will be right for you? Thankfully, Ohio State has a list of university-supported tech tools that can help build your student org to new heights.


Tools and App Ideas

University-supported tech tools include multimedia creation programs, communication platforms, and cloud storage programs. Each tool can benefit your student org while you expand and engage with new and current students. Want to create an engaging and eye-catching introduction video for your club? Check out Adobe Spark Video, a multimedia program where you can use graphics and media along-side audio and video of your own. Want to keep your organization’s files safe, yet easy to access? Give OneDrive a shot and see how documents are kept secure yet reachable across multiple devices through cloud storage.

A university-supported tool is not only reviewed for both security and accessibility compliance, so everyone can feel comfortable with its use, but also comes with resources to help with their use. We’ve listed some resources below.