Breaks Expanded for Spring Semester

After discussion with student leaders about how best to promote wellness, the university will expand instructional breaks during the spring semester. The first of these two-day breaks from classes will take place Feb. 23-24. The second will be March 31-April 1. These will replace the previously announced single-day instructional breaks. While we hope students can use these days to relieve some stress, we want to re-emphasize the importance of following COVID-19 safeguards — particularly limiting travel — should current conditions continue.

Please note several other adjustments related to adding these instructional breaks for wellness:

  • On April 2, Wednesday classes will meet instead of Friday classes. This conversion day will ensure that classes that meet on Wednesdays have the same number of sessions (14) as every other class day over the course of the semester.
  • The addition of these days will change the end of the semester. April 23 will now be the final day of spring classes, and final exams will take place from April 26-30.

The full academic calendar is posted on the University Registrar website.