Cameron's Column *NEW STUDENT FEATURE*

Hi! My name is Cameron Brandt, and I am the SAC’s new Student Activities Communications Assistant at Ohio State ATI. I am majoring in Agriscience Education and planning on becoming an extension agent for the great state of Ohio! I am from a little town called Dover which is 40 minutes south of ATI in Tuscarawas County. I have been in 4-H for as long as possible and participate in multiple projects across the board. This column will be a bi-weekly feature in the Buzz and will share anything from student experiences and advice to local news and what's happening in the “neighborhood”. Since we all just finished our first week of classes I thought I would take a minute to tell all of you that we did it! We’ve completed our first week and we still have many more to go!  

Making friends can be hard sometimes but at ATI we strive to try to be an inclusive environment for all students, no matter the gender, preference, or background. Many people think ATI is for the “hicks” or “hillbillies” but were not! We provide education for over 25 degrees. One thing that I’ve learned to use to meet new people is use small talk! Really! Starting a convo with someone is as easy as commenting about the weather, complaining about a long line, or giving a compliment to that cute girl in the next aisle. Once you get started talking, you’ll realize the only thing holding you back is yourself. Let go, get loose, and have fun this year! A favorite character of mine once said “To improve is to change. To perfect is to change often.” But one thing they don’t realize is that no one’s perfect; not you, not your roommate, not even your childhood hero. Everyone has issues. It’s how you tackle them and help yourself! 

Here’s to a new year… 

Cameron Brandt