News from Academic Affairs

ACtions: explore carmen class pages

Some instructors will publish their Carmen courses before the first day of classes. Exploring a course’s Carmen page ahead of time can be helpful to prepare for the semester, peek ahead at the planned course schedule and syllabus, and acquire any needed materials. Log in at or the Canvas Mobile App to view any published Carmen courses.


Solutions: to-do lists in buckeyelink

There are always many items to check off at the start of a semester! Before things get too hectic, remember to log in to your BuckeyeLink Student Center and attend to any incomplete To Do items assigned. Many of these items are time-sensitive, so taking care of them before they are overdue can avoid potential negative impacts or holds.


solutions: student covid-19 accomodations

Student Life Disability Services (SLDS) will be the first point of contact for students who are most vulnerable to complications from COVID-19. SLDS will work with students to ensure that they have the necessary resources to participate in university life as safely as possible. SLDS can assist students seeking accommodations for a variety of circumstances, including those who have risk factors for COVID-19 themselves or in their household, students being asked to quarantine due to exposure, students who test positive for COVID-19, etc. Visit for full details, including the process for requesting available accommodations.