Outstanding Student Nominations Due MARCH 8

The Outstanding Student Award is one of the highest honors a student at Ohio State ATI can receive. Additionally, every Outstanding Student Award recipient will be considered for the ATI Director’s Award. The ATI Director’s Award is a special top honor that recognizes one outstanding student who is handpicked by the director. That selected individual will have the honor of preparing and presenting a Student Address to the graduating class of 2024.  

To be eligible for consideration for the Outstanding Student Award, you must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and demonstrate worthy contribution to your field of study and community. Additionally, you must have graduated in Summer Term or Autumn Semester of 2023 or will graduate Spring Semester of 2024.

Lastly, the Outstanding Student Award is a self-nomination process, wherein, you as the student are required to a) complete the following sections of the nomination form, b) attach a 1-page resume, and c) secure two endorsement letters as testimony of your outstanding contributions. One letter must be from an Ohio State ATI faculty member, and the second letter can come from either a faculty member, staff member, or someone outside of the Ohio State ATI community, such as an industry professional. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.    


Students intending to apply for the Outstanding Student Award must do the following:

  1. Declare your intent to apply by emailing Ms. Jeanne Semilia at semilia.1@osu.edu with the subject line “Outstanding Student.”  
  1. Complete the Student Recognition Application in its entirety.  
  1. Submit an up to date 1-page professional resume, using the link provided by Ms. Semilia.  
  1. Secure two endorsement statements using the Endorsement Statement.docx file and upload them using the link provided by Ms. Semilia. 
  1. The application document and endorsement document are both Microsoft Word documents and can be accessed her  2024 Outstanding Student Materials | Ohio State ATI (osu.edu) 

You will need to instruct the individuals writing endorsement statements on your behalf to complete their endorsement documents and send them back to you for submission to your personalized folder.  

All application materials should be submitted to the student’s personal link on or before Friday, March 8th, 2024  

Thank you, 

The ATI Student Recognition Committee