Bucks2Bucks Peer Mentor

Bucks2Bucks Peer Mentoring Program is designed to provide a connection for first-year or incoming transfer students with returning undergraduate students in their transition to the CFAES Wooster/Ohio State ATI community by providing support and resources to increase their success and engagement with the university.

Program Goals and Objectives: 

  • Provide opportunity for first-year or incoming transfer students to connect with returning undergraduate students at ATI 

  • Increase social engagement and sense of belonging for students 

  • Assist students in their transition to the college environment 

  • Enhance student leadership skills  

  • Make students aware of resources available to them on campus and in the community 

  • Create an inclusive environment of engagement and growth 

why be a mentor? 

  • To share one’s knowledge and experience 

  • To help develop a new generation of successful leaders and mentors on campus 

  • To give back to ATI and experience a sense of pride  

  • To create more connections on campus with incoming students, faculty and staff 

  • To plan and participate in Bucks2Bucks programs and social activities 

  • A meaningful resume entry 

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why be a mentee? 

  • To learn more about the university, college and community 

  • To connect with students, faculty, staff in a fun, engaging atmosphere enhancing the college transition from high school  

  • To learn how to get involved on campus  

  • To build leadership skills  

  • To participate in Bucks2Bucks programs and social activities

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